A Player’s Guide to Norwegian Casino Laws, Rules and Taxes

gambling laws in norway gambling laws in norway

When it comes to gambling in Norway, players are faced with one of the toughest regulations in the world. A failure of clarity does not help the matter, especially when the laws and rulings aren’t exactly adhered to by the lawmakers. So, our casino guide here will help you to understand better.

Understanding Gambling in Norway

The bottom line is that gambling inside of Norway not legal, but the laws come with a ‘but’. This ‘but’ is what has caused confusion and complexities for many decades now, because, for one, there are opportunities to gamble that are legal. There are two state-owned businesses that deal and look after two services, the Norsk Rikstoto which handles sports betting, primarily horses and then you have the Norsk Tipping, which is your lottery games.

The reason these are accessible is because the government profits on the winnings being tax-deductible (no surprise there then).

Controlled by the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs illuminates the ideology behind the way Norway deals with the issue of gambling.

Now, given the stringent rules, it is also required of the players to declare taxes should winnings be made inside another country! This leads us to online gambling and the idiocies behind the logic of their laws.

Gambling Online in Norway

For a business in Norway to set up a new company that provides gambling online, think again. This business approach will not be permitted or licensed by the state of Norway. So where does online gambling come from? Well, like a vast majority of countries with tight rules and laws, players must search the Internet to find online casinos that are able to service players in their country.

These businesses in question will be registered outside of Norway’s borders. They come licensed and approved by other foreign body regulators, such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority as an example.

Here is how the law affects this process. Advertising in Norway is prohibited by all-foreign organisations when it comes to the gambling market. Now, the law states “the ban cannot be effectively forced by the Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority because of the lack of resources!” This is an astonishing line of admitting that those wishing to publicise gambling would get any without consequence.

Such examples like this add to the failure in clarity and action made by gambling businesses to persuade people to gamble online and get away with it.

Here are some facts that contradict within the Norwegian laws and regulations.

  • The law doesn’t differentiate online gambling from land-based casinos.
  • Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto how exclusive rights to offer online services in Norway.
  • Gambling is permitted where the organization holds a social benefit or humanitarian one;
  • Despite the Norwegian laws, it is not illegal to gamble within foreign websites.
  • It is not illegal for foreign operators to tacitly suggest their services to players in Norway.

The Norwegian law is a mess because of the same factors surrounding other countries. You cannot restrict what people do on the Internet. Gambling can be profitable for a government when taxes are involved, but you don’t want the people knowing you approve the taboo, so conflict the laws so it confuses people, but those smart enough to realise their rules have a loophole, then profit through that.

Finding an Offshore Casino

To be able to participate in your favoured hobby of gambling, then you will most definitely need to join an online casino that is classed as offshore. Other terms include overseas and non-remote casinos. Basically, if it is not in Norway, it is 100% safe to join.

With this said, you will, of course, need to be aware that casinos need to still carry the right licenses to make them official gambling services. The best way we discovered picking licensed sites was to do so through independent services such as www.norskonlinecasino.info.

Comparison sites will check and test the authenticity of a casino, making sure the casino holds a valid license, provides in-date security software and is legally able to service Norwegian players looking for a site that can make payments in the krone currency.

What Goods You’ll Find Online

Make no mistake, in the world of online gambling, there are far more possibilities and options to experience and to win from. The world of online casinos offers a tsunami of games that include sports betting on all variants of sport from football to tennis. In the casino realm, players can enjoy live-streamed games of blackjack, roulette, and poker. This allows you to play against live dealers and other players in tournament situations. In addition to these games, you will also have several thousands of slot machines to digest.

If you were to be given a choice between playing Norsk Tipping lotteries that have insanely high odds against the player and Norsk Rikstoto that just focuses mainly on horses and then online casinos. Well, it is not rocket science to see that the state’s way of playing is far weaker than what is provided by online operators.

Comparing Online Casino Operators

There are hundreds of online casinos that accept the krone currency and payout in kind. Now, if you are a first-time player, your only concern is getting the right site that suits you from the numbers out there.

Picking a casino is a simple process. Firstly, think about what games you would like to play, then see if the casino provides these with the support of bonuses to allow for free gaming rewards. Next, you check to see if the casino can support your banking process.

Not all casinos are the same, there are going to be casinos that limit their service to virtual slots and games only. Then there are the bigger sites that provide multi-platforms of play that cover your sports betting and live dealer games. Plus, you are able to join more than one online casino should you find yourself stuck with a choice.

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