How Are Casinos in India Legal?

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Typing this question into a popular search engine will give you close to 60 million results. It’s also a question that is quite loaded in India, with a lot of grey-area causing complexities and confusion regarding gambling and online casinos in India.

Gambling in India is possible at a small handful of land-based casinos, where only a few states have allowed gambling. These states are Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. You can find the highest concentration of casinos in Goa where half can be found within the obligatory location of five-star hotels and the other half which are moored on the Mandovi river.

In the next sections, we will cover the loophole in which an online casino is able to operate, how some games of chance are legal, and where to find the best online casinos in India.

Are Lotteries in India Legal?

In India, games that contain elements of gambling are often separated into two groups. On the one side, games of skill where the outcome is heavily reliant on a player’s knowledge and talent, are often seen as legal including games and events such as fantasy sports, horse racing, rummy, and poker.

On the other hand, games of chance where a player can win money but has no or a small amount of influence on the outcome are almost all prohibited in India. However, the lottery, despite falling into this latter category of being a game of chance, has been decided to be legal only when it is conducted through the state itself or state-governed authorities, where income and tax through the game can be regulated.

In 1998, the Lottery Act was passed to regulate gambling within the realm of the lottery and 13 states now allow Indian players to legally play the lottery. The money that is generated through lotteries can be treated by the state governments as a separate taxable income.

How Can Online Casinos Accept Indian Players?

Online gambling in India falls into a grey area as there are no laws or acts from a national level that prohibit Indian residents accessing an online casino that isn’t based in India. However, states such as Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra have implemented an online gambling ban, with Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala recently joining them.

However, online casinos that are registered overseas are free to target Indian players, with India unable to have any jurisdiction over them. In addition, the outdated Information Technology Act of 2000, which aims to regulate all cyber activity in India fails to mention online gambling.

Therefore, if a player from India decides to gamble online for entertainment, it’s possible to access an online casino legally, in accordance with the state laws of course.

What Are the Best Online Casino Sites in India?

Although it’s possible to gambling in India legally, the Advertising Standard Council in India still prohibit gambling to be advertised within its borders. Therefore you won’t be able to see any online gambling sites being promoted in India. Instead, you can rely on online casino review sites to find out all the new and best online casinos in India to join.

Finding a reputable and trustworthy casino doesn’t have to be difficult. With such a high number of online casinos popping up each month, we can now thank the efforts of online casino expert reviewers to sort through the strong online casinos to the weaker ones.

Online casino review sites such as have done all the hard work for you. Reviewers for have already taken the time to comb through all the features of each online casino, meaning if you are looking to find a the best casinos in India to join, all you need is this one website to find the perfect one for you.

You can find comparisons for bonuses, promotion, banking methods, minimum deposits, processing times, and a whole lot more. In addition, review sites like have reviewed some online casinos dedicated exclusively to Indian players, so if you’re looking for an online casino with languages available such as Kannada, Bengali, Hindi, or Telugu, you can find it here!

What Games Are Available at an Online Casino in India?

You will be able to find all the most recent games from top software providers such as Play’n GO at the best casinos in India. This casino game software provider is worth mentioning specifically as they are leaders in the iGaming industry and continue to consistently produce top quality games, all since their launch in 1997.

When online casinos in India carry’s games, players can be sure to get some of the best mobile gameplay around as Play’n GO are at the forefront of developing games for smartphones, tablets, and game terminals.

Bringing Indian Games into The Realm of Online Gambling In India

All the best casinos in India will ensure they provide many classic Indian games and give them a digital makeover. It’s possible to find games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti online, and even sometimes available to play as a live dealer casino game. As more online casinos begin to exclusively dedicate themselves the best casinos in India for Indian players, not including Teen Patti and Andah Bahar would be a missed opportunity. In addition, if playing the game is a source of entertainment for many people, why shouldn’t an online casino provide the opportunity to potentially win some money along the way?

Can You Play in Rupees Online?

To satisfy the conditions of India’s Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999, all online casinos in India that offer their services to Indian players must allow transactions to be completed in rupees. This means from depositing to withdrawing, Indian players won’t have the hassle of converting rupees into another currency and mitigates any chances of running into conversion fees along the way while using the online casino website.

Many online casinos also offer other payment methods through digital currency. Popular e-Wallets in India such as PhonePe, Paytm, and MobiKwik are commonly found as payment options on online casinos, giving Indian players a greater choice for depositing and withdrawing money.

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