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ChaiMedia is a Digital Communication Agency offering smart ideas and strategies for companies and organizations of a wide range of disciplines in Canada. We develop creative solutions to highlight your brand, meet your marketing goals and align your message across all your communication tools. Grab a cup of chai and let us take care of your vision.

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ChaiMedia specializes in bringing together cutting-edge design and effective solutions for our clients to achieve their marketing and business objectives. We like to think of ourselves as the changemakers, gold sifters, and shape changers of your dreams. We have been around creating courageous content and branding for the last 10 years and plan to keep surprising our clients with original ideas for many years to come.

Our Services

We like to make our clients feel like they are part of something that's more than a business transaction. We focus our first session on getting to know the Canadian firms we work with. We like to know all about your passion projects - this helps us better understand your unique voice and helps create an authentic image.

Strategic Communication

We analyse your business in order to define, develop and deliver the right message to the right audience. Our main objective: to create positive reactions in our clients. We make sure we are there to answer any of your questions and like to schedule several meetings to discuss all of your ideas.

Web Design & UXD

We design positive experiences for your clients and enhance your brand. Our developments are a guarantee for excellent SEO and effective ROI. We like to think about user comfort - people nowadays spend so much time online, that they can instantly tell when they are using a bad site. We like to prioritise the experience your visitors have. We take care of the details, so your site isn't just well written, it provides the ultimate UI for the job.


We help you create and implement your marketing plan. We are every well aware that web design, branding, communication and the right marketing strategy are interconnected. That is why we generate a one-of-a-kind strategy for each individual client, to make sure your product or service will shine according to plan. And finally, we provide the tools to get the job done!


You know when the saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover?' In the case of branding, this couldn't be further from the truth. First impressions do make a difference. We create professional looking brands, logos and images, with consistent design and an interconnecting message. We understand that your site is the first thing that makes an impression. Dated graphic images and stock photos just won't cut it. We have a fantastic graphic designer on board to take care of your ideal vision.

Featured Projects

We work directly with our clients to develop solutions that deliver the right message to the targeted audience. If you would like to see some of our recent work, check out one of our most established clients - Casimoose. We recently helped them with a creative strategy for their Best Online Casinos Canada Review. Let's face it - casinos and iGaming websites are becoming lucrative business opportunities. In recent years, online casinos gained overwhelming popularity. Many people caught up with the trend, creating tons of fake websites to try and steal honest people's money.

That is why when we spoke to Casimoose we loved their idea of creating a list of top online casinos in Canada. We spoke together about how the look and feel of the company website generate the all-important first impression. Over a series of meetings, we discussed everything from the colour scheme they wanted to the layout of their web page, in order to create the perfect branding for their website. Additionally, we wanted to get their message across - that the online casinos featured on their site are legitimate and trustworthy.

The results were an easy-to-read and intuitive user experience worthy for their clients. We also managed to generate the desired traffic for the website. All the pieces worked together perfectly to achieve Casimoose's goal!

Why 'ChaiMedia'?

Did you know that the word chai comes from Indian and means tea? We thought it was the perfect name - after all, we are here to help you spice up your traffic with our unique blend of creativity. Plus, CoffeeMedia was already taken.

Where Can We Get in Touch?

Now that you know all about our company, you might like to learn how to get in touch with us. You can email us directly to schedule your first online meeting. Please bear in mind we can only work with Canadian firms at the moment Additionally, kindly make sure you have included the following information in your email:

  • You have introduced your brand: who are you and what do you do?
  • What type of assistance are you looking for?
  • Please provide us with information regarding your availability.

Or if you prefer, feel free to send us a message on Twitter!

We are also happy to give a free consultation to discuss branding and answer your questions. In case you are curious about the costs of our service, we are happy to inform you that we work with a variety of clients so we are prepared to create various packages suitable to your budget, so don't hesitate to reach out!